Chairman sole dissenter in Wanchick-McCormack pay raises

St. Johns County commissioners have approved 2.8 percent raises for County Administrator Michael Wanchick and County Attorney Patrick McCormack. Commission Chair Jeb Smith voted alone in dissent for both actions.

On October 11, 2015, Wanchick and McCormack were given 3.6% raises bringing their annual salaries to $200,913.00 (Wanchick) and $162,977.05 (McCormack), plus benefits, according to records maintained by Historic City News.

Wanchick moved from Texas to St Augustine Beach to take the County Administrator’s job, he was hired July 30, 2007. McCormack began his employment with St Johns County on November 15, 2004.

The 2.8% pay raise awarded to Wanchick and McCormack is the same granted to all county employees this year.

During recent performance evaluations, Wanchick scored 3.87 overall while McCormack scored 3.78, placing both annual evaluations between “Meets Expectations” and “Exceeds Expectations”.

Commissioner Rachael Bennett has had her differences in opinion with the county attorney, but said McCormack’s conservative stance has kept the county well within the limits of the law.

Saying that there have been improvements in McCormack’s performance, Bennett and Smith said that they felt feedback provided in the past was taken to heart.

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