Community Redevelopment Agency launches website

Historic City News was informed that a new website was launched this week ( dedicated to offering information about the St. Augustine Community Redevelopment Agency.

The redevelopment agency, made up of the members of the city commission, are the managing board of the city’s two redevelopment areas; the Historic Area Transportation and Parking Community Redevelopment Area and the Lincolnville Community Redevelopment Area.

“The new website offers general information about CRAs, relevant maps and plans, project and program information, financial records, and meeting agendas and minutes,” said the city’s public affairs director, Paul Williamson. “Going forward, the site will serve as a central resource for the agency with educational information and documents relating to the two CRAs, and the most up-to-date information about new redevelopment initiatives.”

The website is a result of legislative changes in the Florida Statutes that require all dependent districts, including CRAs, to maintain a stand-alone website.

The Lincolnville CRA has a steering committee to discuss redevelopment activity in that area and makes recommendations to the agency.

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