Constitution Revision Commission to convene soon

275-great-seal-floridaSome Historic City News readers may not be aware that in the coming months, early in 2017, a little-known but immensely-important commission will be seated and tasked with reviewing and recommending changes to the Florida Constitution.

The 37-member body must be convened for this purpose every 20 years as a function of our state’s Constitution.

The commissioners will be appointed in early 2017 and any constitutional amendments it will propose will appear on the 2018 ballot.

As the Sunshine State continues to grow, the Constitution Revision Commission will likely grapple with a series of growth-related issues, including education, transportation and the environment.

Florida citizens play a vital role in shaping the agenda of the Constitution Revision Commission.  So, what do you think should be on the ballot?  Click here to take the short poll today!

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