Davis Shores point of distribution closure

275-SJCEM-LOGOSupport was discontinued for St Johns County Emergency Management Division’s “Davis Shores Point of Distribution” conducted in the private parking lot at 5 Arredondo Street according to an announcement received by Historic City News after Governor Scott’s visit today.

The Division now says the need for a point of distribution at that private office “has declined”. They have directed all remaining supplies be relocated to other affected areas within the County for distribution.

“We need to allow the surrounding communities to continue recovering,” an Emergency Management spokesperson told local reporters. “Residents who require additional assistance may call the St. Johns County Emergency Management Citizen Information Line at 904-824-5550.”

According to handbills being distributed on Anastasia Island, Todd and Heather Neville were operating a self-described “St Augustine assistance center” and “headquarters” for Hurricane Matthew “relief”.

St Johns County discontinued POD assistance at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, October 17th.

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