Debra Maynard: Not perfect but I am accountable

Debra Maynard: Not perfect but I am accountable

Debra Maynard
St Johns County, FL

Dear Historic City News readers:

Would it surprise you to learn I’m not perfect? Some of you just laughed or wrinkled your brow; but if I got your attention, then I have succeeded.

I am not here to drone on and on about my life’s accomplishments but to ask some questions. My first question is do you feel safer today than you did 12 years ago?

Are you assured that when you call local law enforcement, your situation will be handled with the highest level of importance as the next person?

As a citizen, I cannot say this with 100% certainty. I’ve observed complacency when handling “investigations;” some of these, first hand. I’ve observed deliberate acts of law breaking by those sworn to uphold the laws and even more puzzling, those who wear the badge and know it happens, look the other way.

When did our community become so apathetic that this is now accepted as common place and to be taken in stride?

Several concerned citizens have reached out to me or met me in person sharing their stories of disgust and outrage. I am here to say, I’m tired of this as well. From simple stories of being “blown off the road” (lights not activated) by deputies in a hurry to eat at Chik-fil-a, to deputies knowing about drug houses and doing nothing about it.

When did wearing a badge become a free pass to break the laws we, as a community, must uphold?

Why do certain laws only apply to the general public, but not to deputies, attorney’s, bankers, CPA’s or anyone else who has favor with law enforcement?

Am I making this up? No, I saw this first hand. I reported such events and was either advised to keep my mouth shut or pay the consequences [my opponent refers to this as “moral misconduct” in a media release dated May 23, 2016].

Yes, I did pay the consequences and lost my job but I would do it again. Why? This is MY community and MY community deserves better! What’s more is, it’s YOUR community as well and YOU need fair treatment under the law, not to watch a “do as I say, not as I do” leadership.

There are many wonderful deputies in my community who strive to make a difference; but those few who ruin the good name of these ladies and gentlemen need to remember their code of ethics. I challenge the great deputies to speak out against those who think the law doesn’t apply!

Let your voices be heard! Protect those you are sworn to protect and stop looking the other way when someone else “bends the rules.” Restore the trust that is missing from our County and make St. Johns feel safe again.

The movement “Blue Lives Matter” refers to law enforcement lives and their importance, but shouldn’t that be “All Lives Matter”? When did we start segregating each and every person into categories of color and their importance with that color? We ALL matter! No matter the color of our skin, religious background, sexual orientation or ethnicity.

I started these remarks by letting you know I am not perfect; but I am accountable! Think about this when you vote on August 30.

This message has been approved and paid for by Debra Maynard, candidate for Sheriff of St Johns County, Republican. For more information, visit

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