Donna Daye Kitchton releases The Fountain Revived

275-THE-FOUNTAIN-REVIVED-KiAuthor Donna Daye Kitchton of Bonita Springs made her mark in the publishing world in 2015 with “The Fountain Revived”. The book chronicles the story of Abigail Stone and tells a mysterious tale that brings readers into a maze of gripping suspense and intrigue.

Abigail just graduated from college when she and her dog, Willow, are moving to St. Augustine, Florida, where she will be employed at the Blue Water Clinic. She has rented a small home from a feisty 68-year old lady who lives next door.

Willow started to investigate her new home and found a letter in the mortar of the fireplace that was over 100 years old. Engaging her landlord in the reading of the letter, Abigail entered into a maze of danger, risk and intrigue that began when Henry Flagler and his second wife, Ida, were the talk of the town.

Inspired by her interest in the history of St. Augustine, which she had first visited when she was five, Kitchton fuses mystery, suspense and history to give readers a thrilling reading experience. She hopes to impart to them the uniqueness of people, faithfulness of dogs and the history of St. Augustine.

An excerpt from the book:

Have you heard of the Fountain of Youth, Abigail?
Oh yes. Discovered by Ponce de Leon, right?
That’s right.
My mom drank from the fountain when she was five-years-old. She said she was scared to death she would never get older.

About the Author:
Donna Kitchton has a master’s degree in mental health counseling. She used her training conducting seminars, titles included: “I’m Doing Well but I Could Do Better” and “I Want Clarity Not Therapy.” She has traveled extensively to historical cities in the United States and learned the love of country through these journeys. She was first introduced to a dog at the age of 2, when her father brought home a puppy that was in his pocket. She moved to Florida in 1995 and is currently writing her second history-mystery novel.

“The Fountain Revived” is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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