Editorial: You have a chance to hold our officials accountable


No taxpayer in the City of St Augustine should vote to re-elect Roxanne Horvath.

Horvath has generated so much dissatisfaction during her first four-year term that three other independent candidates are challenging her for Seat 1.

  • Horvath has profited from her office by taking free junkets to Spain.
  • Horvath is such a poor public speaker during meetings, particularly on issues of great importance, that she regularly pulls out pre-written notes and reads her comments into the record; some of the responses clearly written before hearing significant public input.
  • Horvath can be counted on to support the status quo and never question the actions of a city manager whose judgment is in doubt.
  • Consequently, Horvath should be held accountable for her refusal to support an audit that would expose mismanagement of millions of tax dollars wasted on the 450th commemoration and squandered on a pointless “Vision Plan” that has little value other than to stroke her own fragile ego.
  • Horvath has a voting record second to none in support of big money developers and political insiders who receive special treatment for pet projects — many over the objection of local neighborhoods.

The taxpayers of St Augustine deserve better. Let’s hope the residents of this city are too smart to make the same mistake twice.

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