Endorsement: St Johns County Clerk of Court

Historic City News has a great Editorial Review Board made up of some hard-to-snooker, and observant watchdogs as you’d ever hope to find. When they come together, Republican and Democrat, on first call to make an endorsement — there is a reason. Pay attention.

The county clerk’s office is the genesis of many of our most important news articles. As news reporters, the policies and attitudes of it’s employees makes a difference to us. We are looking for a clerk who embraces new technologies and who will advocate their implementation within the administration of our state courts and to our legislators.

The clerk is the “cop” who protects the taxpayers from fraud, waste and abuse of county resources. That is an integral part of our mission to hold public figures accountable to the public. Needless to say we take this endorsement seriously.

We have always encouraged young people to become more active in the political process and to educate themselves on the operation of our government. That does not mean we should ignore experience.

St Johns County taxpayers have spent over 30-years training and preparing George Lareau to be our next Clerk of Court. That was a career choice he made and an investment we made. It is with every confidence and based on his dedication and honorable work ethic that we wholeheartedly recommend George Lareau as the most qualified candidate and smart choice for St Johns County Clerk of Court and Comptroller.

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