Flagler associate professor becomes violent with police


Wednesday December 16, 2015 was not a good morning for Flagler College Humanities Department Associate Professor 46-year-old Hugh Michael Marlowe II of Jacksonville.

According to the Arrest Report provided to Historic City News, at about 8:09 a.m., at US-1 and International Golf Parkway within St. Johns County, Deputy Sheriff Kyle A Braig observed that St Augustine Beach Police Officer Edward Martinez had stopped Marlowe and his gray Nissan Altima on the southbound side of US-1.

Braig went to aid Martinez with the traffic stop and reported that he immediately realized Marlowe appeared to be “disoriented, or under the influence of some type of substance”. Braig allowed Marlowe the opportunity to call someone who could drive and that might pick him up. Marlowe reportedly made two calls and reached a co-worker, 52-year-old Arthur Vanden Houten, who agreed to transport Marlowe safely from the scene to his place of employment, Flagler College.

While waiting for Vanden Houten to arrive, Braig issued Marlowe a civil traffic citation for driving 75 mph in a 60 mph zone.

During the process of transferring some of Marlowe’s personal items from his Nissan, which was being impounded, Marlowe became “agitated” towards his friend, Arthur Vanden Houten. At that time, Officer Martinez walked to Marlowe and told him everything was going to be fine. Further, in the incident report, Martinez told Marlowe for his own safety, “It would be best to wait in the car” for Vanden Houten.

At that moment, Marlowe stood up out of the seat and pushed Officer Martinez in the chest, then balled up his fists and began yelling. I came to Officer Martinez; and, as I did, Marlowe pushed me. I grabbed onto Marlowe’s leg and attempted to take him to the ground. Officer Martinez assisted with this take down. Myself, and Officer Martinez, were able to secure Marlowe and place him into the rear of Deputy Raphael Fuentes’ patrol vehicle for transportation to the St Johns County Detention Facility.

As ABC Rolloff and Towing performed an inventory of the vehicle, they discovered in the trunk, both a hatchet as well as a firearm; which was taken in to evidence by Deputy Braig.

A review of the Historic City News crime database revealed that, at least in St Johns County, Marlowe is no stranger to the civil traffic court process. However, when he laid hands on the deputy and Beach patrolman, he committed a third-degree felony.

• 3/28/2007 unlawful speed, driving 59 in 45 zone fined $142.50.
• 1/17/2008 unlawful speed, driving 64 in 55 zone fined $88.50.
• 11/21/2012 unlawful speed, driving 64 in 55 zone fined $131.00.
• 11/21/2012 proof of insurance required fined $116.00.
• 3/25/2013 expired tag 6 months or less fined $113.00.
• 5/20/2015 expired tag 6 months or less fined $113.00.

There is an unpaid citation for $256.00 specifying unlawful speed, driving 75 mph in 60 mph zone, which has been combined into the criminal case (15001707CF) where Marlowe has been charged with two-counts of battery on a law enforcement officer.

There has been no activity on the criminal case since 12/22/2015.

According to the Associate Professor’s publically available web catalog, the classes taught by Marlowe at Flagler College include Introduction to Philosophy; Ethics; Philosophy of Religion; Metaphysics; Taoism; Philosophy Senior Seminar; Philosophy and Film  Logic; Existentialism; and Aesthetics.

Despite the escalation of hostility and Marlowe’s aggressive behavior, which some on campus have told Historic City News reporters, in confidence, has begun to show at the workplace, the college has not taken any noticeable disciplinary action or placed Marlowe on leave until the felony charges are resolved.

Does that seem wise?

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