Florida Pancreas Cancer Coalition shares new documentary

275-Time-Is-NowWexford Strategies executive Kevin Doyle was pleased to announce to Historic City News reporters the release of a new documentary video, titled “The Time is Now” with messages from Florida Pancreas Cancer Coalition volunteers, pancreas cancer researchers, and local family members who have been impacted by this deadly disease.

The short documentary celebrates the third anniversary of the organization that has been able to raise over $125,000 for local cancer research.

“We are very excited about the release of the documentary featuring our late friend and founder, Pat McLaughlin,” the new President, Anna Murphy, commented. “Sadly, Pat passed last year after a 3-year fight with this terrible disease. He is sorely missed but fondly remembered.”

Working in McLaughlin’s honor, this year the leaders of the non-profit organization are excited about upcoming projects such as the Florida Pancreas Cancer Coalition Summit which will occur in May and a Scholarship Luncheon to be held later in the fall.

The conclusion of the Third Annual Celtic Open Golf Tournament, sponsored by Culhane’s Irish Pub at Atlantic Beach, raised over $38,000 for the Florida Pancreas Cancer Coalition this year, and coincides with the release of the documentary available at: http://www.flpcc.org/

Doyle reported that he is available for interviews about the goals and successes being enjoyed in the local, yet world class, pancreas cancer research. Doyle says that 85-percent of those diagnosed with pancreas cancer will die within six months; and, of the remaining 15-percent, only one-third have a survival rate more than four years.

Florida Pancreas Cancer Coalition, Inc. has a Board with active committee members for the purpose of raising local money for local research. Our local neighbors can feel that they are part of the team and actually see and experience where their money is going and what it is accomplishing.

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