Former St Augustine Record reporter compares mayor to Clinton


In today’s St Augustine Record, former reporter Bob Tis makes an editorial comparison of St Augustine mayor Nancy Shaver to former first lady and former presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

The comparison, in context, is absolutely correct. Tis is describing political campaigns, both national and local, where at the last minute, a challenger commits political suicide by bullying voters.

“Our lovely city, inside our very conservative county, is actually a pretty good microcosm of America. Also, St. Augustine’s mayor is a gem. She was getting attacked by her opponents right toward the end of the campaign but took the high road. Nancy Shaver has always put the city and its issues first and, despite having some touch-ups with her fellow commissioners, she never yelled at us. She was very professional, sweet even. And obviously very electable.

The opposite of Hillary.”

At tonight’s regular meeting of the St Augustine City Commission, Mayor Shaver and commissioners will hear public comments for the first time since the General Election November 8th that returned all three incumbents for another term — so the faces for the next two years will be the same as the faces for the last two years.

  • One local resident has called for residents to stand up and speak to the commission as a whole, rejecting the types of inflammatory and outrageous tactics that we, as voters, were subjected to by an anonymous “dark money” super PAC, ostensibly operated by out-of-town interests hoping to buy the mayor’s seat.

  • The commission will also hear and act on a proposed Resolution that would encourage the St Johns County legislative delegation to take action to close a loophole in Florida’s election laws that has been interpreted by the courts to allow a write-in candidate, with no investment in a political race, to capriciously close an otherwise open Primary Election. The Resolution would have no effect on city elections, which are all non-partisan.

If you plan to attend, the meeting will begin at 5:00 p.m. in the Alcazar Room of City Hall, located at 75 King Street, St Augustine.

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