Fugitive captured after attempts to flee deputies and K-9

Historic City News was informed that 34-year-old Kirk Daniel Stevens of St. Augustine led deputies and K-9 units on a 20-minute foot chase through heavily wooded terrain off Kings Estate Road Thursday as he attempted to avoid capture on outstanding warrants.

Stevens was wanted in connection with several domestic violence warrants and he had managed to avoid capture for several days by hiding in a nearby hotel.

But today, Stevens luck ran out when he passed Deputy Justin Cash in the area of Hilltop and Kings Estate Road. Passengers inside the vehicle were screaming, according to Cash’s incident report. The deputy pursued the vehicle to investigate the source of the screams, and he said he completed a safe traffic stop.

Deputy Cash reported that Stevens, who was driving, jumped out of the vehicle and ran into the woods. The passengers were an unidentified female and several minor children. Additional deputies and K-9 support quickly arrived on the scene. A team began a search for Stevens, while others interviewed the victims.

The female victim lived in a nearby house. She told officers that Stevens broke into her shed and stole wire cutters, pliers, and a knife; which he used to forcibly enter her home. Once inside, Stevens took away the victim’s cell phone and forced her and the children into the vehicle.

As the apprehension team closed in on Stevens, deputies ordered him stop running and to get on the ground. When he refused, a K-9 was released to subdue him. Stevens was captured and taken to an area hospital for treatment of his injuries before continuing on to jail.

Charges filed against Stevens at this time include burglary, a first-degree felony, possession of burglary tools, a third-degree felony, obstructing justice, a third-degree felony, resisting arrest, a first-degree misdemeanor, (2) counts of contempt of court, each a first-degree misdemeanor, and violation of probation.

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