Growing list of special event venues seek vested status

Historic City News readers who have been following the implementation process for the regulation of special events venues in the City of St Augustine and the establishment of a “grandfather” provision for those existing venues who are claiming a vested status, Monday night’s commission meeting will be of interest.

David Birchim, director of the City’s Planning and Building Department, has submitted an updated list of venues for approval, each listing their existing level of involvement.

This item has been placed on the “consent agenda” for approval without discussion; although some of the locations appear to have overstated the actual volume of guests who currently utilize their special events businesses.

The reported items for approval include:

  • 79 Cedar Street – Cedar House Inn (Bed and Breakfast) 2-20 guests
  • 83 Cedar Street – Penny Farthing Inn (Bed and Breakfast) 20 guests
  • 87 Cedar Street – Peace and Plenty Inn (Bed and Breakfast) 50 guests
  • 89 Cedar Street – At Journey’s End (Bed and Breakfast) 10-30 guests
  • 21 Aviles Street – Casa de Solano (Bed and Breakfast) 30 guests
  • 38 Cordova Street – The Old Powder House Inn (Bed and Breakfast) 20 guests
  • 34 Saragossa Street – The Saragossa Inn (Bed and Breakfast) 20 guests
  • 60, 66 and 70 Cuna Street – Carriage Way (Bed and Breakfast) 25 guests
  • 142 Avenida Menendez – Bayfront Marin House Inn (Bed and Breakfast) 60 guests
  • 83 King Street – Villa Zorayda Museum, 150 guests
  • 20 Aviles Street – Ximenez-Fatio House Museum, 250 guests (per Fire Marshall)
  • 48 King Street – Government House Museum, 120+ guests
  • 22 Marine Street – The St. Augustine Art Museum, 384 guests
  • 259 San Marco Avenue – Old Florida Museum, 130-226 guests
  • 14 18, 22, 31 St. Francis Street, 271 Charlotte Street, parking lot at corner of Charlotte Street and St. Francis Street – Oldest House Museum and Llambias House (this to be a determination from the zoning code, not the special events venue ordinance).

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