Having waived extradition, Murray arrives in St Augustine

The 28-year-old Jacksonville man who has been the focus of a weeklong manhunt that took St Johns County detectives as far as Aiken, South Carolina, was returned to the Neil J Perry Criminal Justice Complex in St Augustine thirty-minutes ago; he was officially booked into the St Johns County Detention Facility on criminal traffic charges.

Murray spoke to local detectives who arrived in Aiken Wednesday, and appeared in a court hearing in Aiken yesterday; he smiled and waved to the television cameras after signing extradition papers — portraying a look and courtroom demeanor eerily reminiscent of Ted Bundy.

Law enforcement officials are hoping to garner information about how he came to be in possession of an automobile owned by retired Catholic priest, Fr. Rene W. Robert, who has been missing since Sunday, April 10th. So far, authorities are not indicating any signs of cooperation from Murray and they are growing increasingly anxious as the community prays that Fr. Robert will be found alive. With each passing day, the outlook is increasingly grim.

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