Heather Neville continues public display of juvenile behavior

“I guess I’m honored,” Historic City News reader and contributor Lee Geanuleas told our editor this morning after returning home from waving a campaign sign at the Bridge of Lions.

Although we had already received a second report of the incident by the time Geanuleas called, he wanted to inform us of a continuing pattern of public embarrassment by Heather Neville; wife of sitting city commissioner for Seat 4, Todd Neville.

While cheerfully waving at friends and strangers driving through the City of St Augustine about 8:00 a.m., Geanuleas reported that Heather Neville flipped him what is euphemistically referred to as “the bird”.

While uncomfortably siting on the same board as Todd Neville, Heather and her husband are openly campaigning against the City’s current mayor, Nancy Shaver, who remains long on grass-roots resident support.

In addition to Mayor Shaver, who must run for office every two years, commissioners for Seat 1 (Roxanne Horvath) and Seat 2 (Leanna Freeman) are also seeking re-election and the Nevilles have taken an interest in those two seats. The symbiotic relationship is discomforting since it smacks of a Sunshine Law violation waiting to happen.

“Through her own efforts, Ms. Neville is a public figure in St Augustine. She got herself appointed as a representative to the North Florida TPO and was appointed to the city’s Mobility Advisory Task Force,” Geanuleas told local reporters. “She has been involved in numerous public policy debates and that makes her a public figure. How she behaves in public really does matter.”

This is not the first report from our readers about Neville’s juvenile and embarrassing behavior since her public appointments; however, she continues to parlay her husband’s position and social influence with city manager John Regan into the somewhat clandestine relationship that has become the bone of contention.

“I just hope she will learn to present herself in a more respectful way, at least when she’s in the public eye,” Geanuleas said.

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