HistoricCity.com makes additional investment in technology

This morning, Historic City News secure webservers were upgraded and got a significant kick-in-the-git-along. You should be noticing enhanced speed of delivery across all historiccity.com domains as of about 2:00 a.m. Businesses and individuals who host their domains on our servers will benefit from these upgrades as well.

We have doubled everything, starting with the computer processor, now a quad-core Intel device. We’ve doubled our RAM capacity, doubled our file storage capacity, our tier of bandwidth, and installed a new solid-state disk which serves up files faster and with no moving parts like conventional fixed disks. We’ve even doubled our IP address pool with intelligent software to optimize routing and provide additional channels to balance our traffic during peak demand.

“This is all part of a commitment we made last year to provide increased Internet safety and an improved user experience for our readers in St Augustine and St Johns County,” said Editor in Chief Michael Gold; in the newsroom overnight working with our data center to check, and double check, all features of our new installation.

Our parent, Historic City Companies, Inc., is looking forward to making good on our commitment to deliver high quality news and editorial content on a local level; using the most modern and popular technologies available. We continue to deliver free subscriptions and Internet access to our articles thanks to the generosity of our advertisers and financial supporters. Stay tuned for more exciting news to come.

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