Jury selection set in criminal trial against Jacob Sikes Kline

Historic City News has been informed that Judge Michael Traynor has scheduled the case of the State of Florida vs Jacob Sikes Kline, son of St Augustine City Commissioner Nancy Sikes-Kline, on charges stemming from an armed home invasion robbery earlier this year.

The 19-year-old Kline has waived his appearance for pretrial hearings and did not appear in court on Thursday when Judge Traynor set the docket call for October 10th and jury selection for October 17th.

Kline was arrested in March in connection with the robbery of a home on West Jayce Way in St Augustine. He is charged with being a principal to home invasion robbery with a weapon.

  • Two others arrested in connection with the same robbery, 18-year-old Sean Edmund Riggs and 21-year-old Larry Thomas Travis Jr. have each entered pleas of no contest to the charges against them. Riggs is scheduled to be sentenced Tuesday and Travis on September 8th.
  • Also arrested were 20-year-old Ronald Tyrone Burch, who is facing charges of home invasion robbery with a weapon, and 19-year-old Marcus Theodore Lewis, who was charged as a principal to the crime.

Local police and emergency fire personnel were called to the north Davis Shores home of Commissioner Sikes-Kline and her husband Roger on the night of February 26th, after a Molotov cocktail (handmade firebomb) was lobbed through their window. Sikes-Kline, her husband, Jacob, his brother, and some teenage guests, were inside the residence at 15 Miruela Avenue at the time of the attack; believed to be retaliation for the January home invasion engineered by Kline.

There was property damage reported but no serious medical injuries.

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