Letter: Phillips running ham-fisted smear campaign against mayor

Letter: Phillips running ham-fisted smear campaign against mayor

Joe Flanagan
St Augustine, FL

Dear Historic City News editor:

I have to say that the flyers being sent out by the Kris Phillips campaign are disgraceful. It’s been a really disturbing development to see this kind of dishonesty, meanness, and outright sleaze in the mayoral campaign.

This below-the-belt tactic, taken against a candidate who would never stoop that low herself, should tell voters all they need to know about Kris Phillips and the shadowy PAC known as Sun Coast Patriots, located in Fort Myers.

What kind of organization would operate like this–mobilize wealthy supporters from out of town to engage in a crude smear campaign in order to grab power in our city?

What would a city run by Kris Phillips look like? My guess is it would become a developer’s playground, a paradise of cronyism, creative zoning, disregard for residents and the environment. Just like much of the rest of Florida.

And what kind of candidate thinks so little of her would-be constituents that she engages in a transparent, ham-fisted, smear campaign that a middle schooler would know enough to be ashamed of.

I don’t want these things in my mailbox. And I don’t want Kris Phillips as my mayor. Residents of St. Augustine deserve better. What they deserve is the conscientious, intelligent, decent, and forward thinking mayor that they have right now: Nancy Shaver.

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