Letter: Protocol needed to check welfare of live-alone elderly

275-LETTER-TO-THE-EDITORLetter: Protocol needed to check welfare of live-alone elderly

Pat Webb
Brevard, NC

Dear Editor:

Two weeks ago I returned to visit St. Augustine. My husband and I lived in the Old Town neighborhood south of the Plaza until moving in 2012.

Walking around and enjoying memories I noticed Marilyn Bailey’s house on Bridge Street. We knew her for years. Trying to find out what happened to her, I went online and found your article of November 15th, 2015 regarding her house fire.

I believe it was late spring of last year, we were notified by a close friend that an elderly neighbor was found in her home on Rohde Avenue. She had been dead for five months. Like Marilyn, this woman had no family around. Shockingly, this older woman lived less than a mile from the police department, and the police had been contacted about her. Even though she had not been seen by neighbors, the police did not respond to the situation at the time of contact.

Maybe there are restrictions, but that seems to be a problem. The same tragedy could happen to any elderly person. Are there no compassionate, concerning protocol for professionals to step in and inquire?

Your article mentioned continued follow-up with this issue. You might consider presenting this particular situation, finding the details and using it as evidence for a change that is needed in caring for “live alone” elderly people.

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