Letter: Saint Aug Dog is back with a vengeance

275-FOX-ARESTEESLetter: Saint Aug Dog is back with a vengeance

Warren Celli
St Augustine, FL

Dear Editor:

If you missed me in the past eight months or so, it is because, last November, I was diagnosed with cancer; follicular lymphoma, a type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. I was at death’s door.

After three monthly cycles of chemotherapy — six were planned — I came down with a chemo-induced lung disease.  I developed extreme shortness of breath, further resulting in an arterial fibrillation condition because my heart now has to work overtime to compensate for the reduced oxygen supply of my lungs.

I chose, of course, to forego the remaining three cycles of treatment and may or may not be in remission of the cancer. Many thanks to my immediate family and friends for all of their help and moral support; and of course all of the good folks at Cancer Specialists of North Florida.

I am feeling better, but at 76-years-old, I am less inclined to engage in the day-to-day rough and tumble of politics. For the record, I have always endeavored to make a better and more moral world. Also for the record, I am for the rule of law and a strong law enforcement. I oppose strongly a corrupt rule of law and corrupt law enforcement.

The viewpoints in my publication, “Saint Aug Dog”, first confiscated and banned in Saint Augustine on March 5, 1998, are far from the co-opted mainstream; but, I do believe that they will stand the test of time.  If I have offended any of you, you probably deserve it. Go look in a mirror.

For those of you who have encouraged and supported me emotionally and financially throughout the years my heartfelt thanks, especially to David Thundershield Queen (deceased) and Jeff Masin, the One Man Band. Kudos also to all of the other good citizen activists that work so diligently to hold government accountable with special mention to Ed Slavin for his indomitable persistence.

That said, there is a new issue of “Saint Aug Dog” that explains the platforms of three new candidates for Saint Augustine City Commission.  Their totally new ideas, insights, and refreshing directness, are a welcome change from the trite and hackneyed, say nothing political hacks that are in office and running for office today.

Especially insightful and useful is the recommendation of a new city office; “The Menticide Minder”.

The escalation of compound corruption in Law Enforcement is also frankly discussed as it relates to escalating corruption in legislation and the breakdown of society and civility and respect.

Are crooked politicians asking too much of law Enforcement? Do we need a Social Mobility Plan?

Enjoy the issue, take action and share it with others as widely as possible.

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