Letter: Seniors need more than one week notice to move

Letter: Seniors need more than one week notice to move

Judy Smith
St Augustine, FL

Dear Editor:

My mother-in-law lives in a Senior Community; Southern Villas Apartments, located at 52 Sunrise Boulevard off SR-207.

It has come to my attention, through another Southern Villas resident, that the Council on Aging and US Department of Housing and Urban Development are participating in a remodeling program that will entail each of the residents packing and moving from their unit.

A meeting on Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. has been called to explain what the residents need to do to be prepared. It is also my understanding that they will only be giving each unit or building about a week’s notice.

Seriously, how can we ask our senior citizens, physically challenged, and others, to relocate themselves? Senior communities are for seniors who can take care of themselves; but, they cannot be expected to simply pack up all of her belongings and valuables in a short time and move. Not to mention where will they move to?

The apartment complex may be offering a few units, with only a bed and cooking utensils, for residents to move into on short-term basis. Many of the residents have pets and many do not have family to help them.

It doesn’t sound like a solid plan.

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