Letter: Zoning change requested in Lincolnville

Letter: Zoning change requested in Lincolnville

Judith Seraphin

Dear Editor:

My neighbors in Lincolnville will want to know that the double lot at 244 Riberia Street, between South and Lovett Streets, is looking to change the land use and zoning.

If approved, the property use will change from “Recreation and Open Space” to “Residential Medium Density”, and the zoning will change from “Open Land” to “Residential General (RG-1)” which allows for not only single family dwellings, but also multiple-family, tourist homes and bed and breakfast inns (think AirBnB’s), etc.

The Planning and Zoning Board meeting is the afternoon of Tuesday, September 6th. They can approve it, deny it, or recommend RS-2, which is less intense residential use, single family.

Please let your neighbors in Lincolnville know that this zoning change is being requested, since this can be considered a precedent in our residential neighborhood.

If you cannot attend the 2:00 p.m. meeting, you can write to the Board members by e-mail at:

Sue Agresta sagresta@comcast.net
Matthew Shaffer matthew.shaffer@att.net
Carl Blow john.carl.blow@gmail.com
Sarah Ryan sshipp@gmail.com
Gerald Dixon gdixonarch@aol.com
Cathy Brown coacathy@gmail.com
Deltra Long dellong@bellsouth.net

you might also want to add:

David Birchim dbirchim@citystaug.com
Amy Skinner askinner@citystaug.com

Thank you.

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