No students injured in afternoon bus collision

275-SCHOOL-BUS-STUDENTSThis afternoon at about 3:22 p.m., Historic City News was informed by the Florida Highway Patrol that twenty-four (24) St Johns County students were involved in a collision while onboard their school bus.

St. Augustine resident, 41-year-old Stevan Makosch, was driving the school bus, traveling east on Lemonwood Road. As the bus was going around a curve, a man with a leaf blower started backing up into the roadway.

There was a large truck towing a wood chipper stopped on the roadway, partially blocking the right traffic lane.

The bus driver honked the horn and took evasive action, steering sharply to the left, in order to avoid hitting the man with the leaf blower.

As the school bus traveled forward to a stop, the left side emergency door was damaged when it scraped a roadside mailbox.

The school bus came to final rest after the impact. There were no injuries reported. No citations were issued.

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