Sending a message using images instead of words


13710632_10209074749642646_8294139584041006008_oEveryone in business has heard the saying “Less is more” and when it comes to advertising, we at Historic City News preach it to our sponsors every day.

Although the message is simple enough, coming up with an image that effectively communicates it may not be. During this political campaign season, one Historic City News advertiser, Susan Rathbone, employed the assistance of a friend, Mike Fretto, to design the logo she will use in her election bid this November.

Rathbone told Fretto, who is an experienced designer, about her goals when elected as a member of the St Augustine City Commission. As a result of that conversation, Fretto came up with a new, clean graphic that easily translates into any media required; whether printing on t-shirts, yard signs, or campaign brochures.

Several of Rathbone’s early supporters commented on the bright choice of colors (yellow and black have excellent contrast), the fact that it can be printed as a two-color image, or, for economy, one color black ink on a yellow background. The abstract sun symbolizes “a sunny new day”, when she is elected, Rathbone said.

With an economy of words, Rathbone believes she has found the way to create a unique identity brand for herself. She hopes, as well, to communicate her bright and sunny personality through her new image — and by relying on that, she hopes to be successful in her election bid.