Sheriff exceeds $200,000 in campaign contributions

275-SHOAR-FOR-SHERIFFOn March 1, 2016 David Shoar signed up to run for a fourth term as Sheriff of St. Johns County and began his campaign fundraising efforts that same day.

The end of the first financial reporting period was March 31, 2016, and Shoar submitted the report on April 4, 2016. The report shows that Shoar’s fundraising efforts for March 2016 totaled $201,980.

“I am so pleased at this record amount of fundraising and after 35 years as a law enforcement officer in St. Johns County, it is very humbling to receive this kind of validation and job approval,” Shoar said.

In an announcement to Historic City News, Shoar also said that he is very thankful for the wonderful cross section of his contributors. Donations have been reported from local auto mechanics and electricians to Chief Executive Officers of National brand companies.

“I am very passionate about my position as your elected Sheriff and I have never taken this position for granted,” Shoar explained while announcing this fourth-term run. “Because we have been so successful fundraising and meeting our campaign budget requirements in the first 30 days, I will be able to spend the remainder of my campaign on what I enjoy doing most, meeting with and talking with our residents and visitors.”

Shoar has dedicated a lifetime to public service and professional excellence. He has 35-years of experience in law enforcement, all in St. Johns County. Twelve of those years as St. Johns County Sheriff and four of those years as City of St. Augustine Chief of Police.

He also has 24-years of experience in the military.

This message has been approved and paid for by David B. Shoar, candidate for re-election, Sheriff of St Johns County, Republican. For more information, call 904-770-5133 or visit

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