St Augustine government meetings this evening

Two meetings going on now for the St Augustine City Commission, being held in the meeting room of the Fullerwood Training Center, 10 Hildreth Drive in North City due to construction in The Alcazar Room, where most city meetings are held.

Historic City News readers will not be able to watch live on Government Television/Comcast Channel 3, or at at the time of the scheduled meetings. We are told that the meetings are being recorded for on-demand viewing at at a later date.

At 4:30 p.m. the commission convenes for a special meeting as the Community Redevelopment Agency to address two items; approval of Resolution 2016-46 which clarifies language regarding applicant eligibility for the “Fix-it-Up” and “Emergency Assistance” programs, and the renewal of the contract with St. Johns Housing Partnership for the “Fix-it-Up” grant program.

Then at 5:00 p.m., convened as the City Commission, there will be a determination of legal sufficiency regarding an appeal of the Historic
Architectural Review Board designation of the property at 32 Granada
Street as a local landmark and the scheduling of the appeal hearing for January 9, 2017.

Executive Director Judith Dembowski will make a presentation providing the status of the damage and repair of St. Francis House as a result of Hurricane Matthew, and commissioners will hear from Terry Shaw regarding the St. Augustine Traffic Impact Study – Tours, Franchises and Vehicles for Hire.

Ordinance 2016-28 will be heard on first reading, pursuant to recent case law and decisions to provide for waiver of certain fees and costs upon application and qualification by an individual as indigent.

Two resolutions may be adopted; Resolution 2016-42 urging the legislature to limit “spoiler” candidates’ ability to close primary elections — even though city elections are non-partisan and are therefore not impacted one way or another. A second, Resolution 2016-48 authorizes a salary supplement (the politically correct term for a Christmas Bonus) for each of the City’s officers and employees — not to exceed two hundred dollars.

Director Meredith Breidenstein will present a staff report from the Budget and Performance Management department that will include cost estimates for debris removal and emergency protective services related to Hurricane Matthew.

City Clerk, Darlene Galambos, will present requests for the City Civil Service Board as well as Code Enforcement Adjustment and Appeals Board.

City Manager John Regan will discuss any interest by commissioners in the purchase of property owned by the Anastasia Mosquito Control District.

There will be a brief discussion and confirmation of intergovernmental board assignments with the Tourist Development Council, North Florida
Transportation Planning Organization, Sister Cities Association, Northeast
Florida Regional Planning Council, Intergovernmental Committee and the
Visitor and Convention Bureau.

A reminder for Historic City News readers, in addition to the regular city commission meetings, other boards including the Planning and Zoning Board, Code Enforcement, Adjustments, and Appeals Board, and the Historic Architectural Review Board will relocate their meetings to the Willie Galimore Center, located at 399 Riberia Street, in Lincolnville until the City Manager determines that it is safe to return to the Alcazar Room in City Hall.

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