St Augustine reports opening date for Hayling Park unknown

Historic City News received notice of a correction from the City of St Augustine to an article published in Monday’s local newspaper. The article in question incorrectly states the official “opening date” of Riberia Pointe.

Paul Williamson, speaking on behalf of the city, said today that the park, named to honor the late Dr. Robert Hayling, was only “tentatively scheduled” to open tomorrow — although that date was circulated.

“While that date was originally discussed as a possibility, it was quickly evident that the scope of work required to enhance the area could not be accomplished by that date,” Williamson told local reporters. “At this time, no specific date has been set for the park’s opening.”

According to the “correction”, improvements to the park are “well underway” and the city will “continue to work closely” with several groups, including Keep Riberia Pointe Green, to open the area in the coming weeks.

When a date has been determined the city will provide plenty of advance notice so as to include the community in the welcoming of this unique public space.

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