St Johns County woman believed murdered in Florence Italy

Historic City News in St Augustine is following word from Florence, Italy, that a 35-year-old St Johns County native, Ashley Ann Olsen, has been found dead in her apartment Saturday; foul play is suspected and authorities in Italy have opened a murder investigation.

Olsen, who grew up in Summer Haven, near Marineland of Florida, had hinted weeks ago on Instagram that she believed she was being followed by a stalker.

According to published local reports, Olsen has been in Italy since 2012. Olsen moved to Florence to study art and be near her father. She was known for organizing events connected to the city’s art scene. On her social media pages, Olsen shared many pictures of herself beside her beloved dog, Scout, showing the pair appearing to enjoy life in Florence. Olsen’s dog, Scout, was found outside her apartment.

While in Italy, she befriended an Italian painter. The boyfriend, who was not named, told the landlord that he hadn’t heard from his girlfriend in three days and asked that Olsen’s door be opened; there, he discovered Olsen’s body. Local reporters said Olsen was found nude and stretched across her bed. Although scratches and bruises were visible on Olsen’s neck, Italian prosecutors are waiting for the results of the autopsy to say if strangulation was the cause of death.

Investigators have seized Olsen’s computer. Her boyfriend and a group of mostly American friends were taken in for questioning. Police vowed “maximum attention” today to find Olsen’s killer, but said there are currently no suspects.

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