Stevenson’s bill helps craft distilleries develop and profit


Representative Cyndi Stevenson reported to Historic City News that she has filed legislation that will benefit Florida craft distilleries, like St. Augustine Distillery LLC, by reducing what she calls “outdated regulations”.

House Bill 141, Stevenson’s companion bill to Senate Bill 166, seeks to make these distilleries more profitable for operators like Phil McDaniel.

“This bill frees craft distilleries from unnecessary regulations and allows them to continue to grow,” Representative Stevenson said. “Already we see the potential of craft distilleries in Florida’s economy. They not only create good jobs, but also support Florida’s farmers and invigorate historic districts.”

Stevenson identified the major provisions of House Bill 141:

  • A reduction in the annual license fee for craft distilleries
  • Removal of individual container limits on sales in on-site gift shops
  • An increase from 75,000 to 250,000 gallons in annual production limits

Stevenson said she looks forward to working with Senator Steube on this bill because it will provide “a more level playing field” for craft distilleries to compete with craft breweries.

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