Swastika drawn on child’s hand by another student not a crime


Commander Jim Troiano, Operational Support Section Director for the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office, updated Historic City News on a disturbing occurrence at Imagine School last week.

According to an incident report filed with the Sheriff’s Office, a fifth-grade student at the school drew a swastika on the hand of a kindergarten student while they were on a school bus.

“A deputy has conducted a follow up investigation and has come to the same conclusion the deputy did the other night when he spoke with child’s parents, and that is no crime has occurred,” Troiano told local reporters.

Although the incident disturbed the kindergartener’s parents, the deputy was able to verify that the fifth grade student did not know the meaning of the symbol. The student was interviewed and told investigators he was only “goofing around” and he drew on the child’s hand without any idea of the significance of the swastika.

Troiano concluded, “No crime has occurred and the incident will be handled by the administration at Imagine School.”

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