Todd Neville selected for St Augustine vice-mayor

275-cosa-reorgHistoric City News reporters watched as vice-mayor Roxanne Horvath nominated Todd Neville to assume her position, as she stepped down from the appointment she has held for the first two years of Mayor Nancy Shaver’s administration.

During the re-organizational meeting of the commission each two-years, which occurred tonight at 7:30 p.m. in the lobby of the Lightner Museum, the elected commissioners decide among themselves who will serve as vice-mayor.

Absent from the Monday night special meeting, Commissioner Nancy Sikes-Kline was a no-show. Re-elected and returning for her second term as mayor, Nancy Shaver intended and attempted to nominate Sikes-Kline as vice-mayor, a position she held once before under the Boles administration. There was no second to the Sikes-Kline nomination.

St Johns County Court Judge Charles Tinlin performed the investiture of each of the three re-elected officials.

Under terms established in the St Augustine City Charter, the voters in the city elect their mayor; the highest ranking elected official in city government. The mayor earns $21,948.25 annually compared to the commissioners (including the vice-mayor) who only earn $ 16,461.19.

The mayor presides over all meetings of the city commission, is responsible to execute certain business and corporate documents on behalf of the city, and performs as the official representative of the city during certain diplomatic functions and ceremonial events.

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