A year later son of city commissioner returns from prison

On Monday afternoon, January 25, 2016, three armed men entered an occupied residence located on West Jayce Way in Ravenswood, demanding the valuables of the occupants; two men and a woman in their early 20’s. The robbers fled with a cellphone, car keys, and an undisclosed amount of cash taken from the victims.

Three weeks later, Historic City News readers recall the drama at the north Davis Shores home of city commissioner Nancy Sikes-Kline; when, at about 11:00 p.m. on the night of February 26, 2016, a crude Molotov cocktail, made from a Snapple bottle, was thrown through a bedroom window.  The commissioner’s youngest son and four of his friends were inside.

Speculation that the two events were somehow connect emerged after defendants in the armed home invasion robbery told detectives that the brains behind that crime was Jacob Sikes Kline — commissioner Sikes-Kline’s 19-year-old son.

“Jacob Sikes Kline turned himself in late this afternoon and was charged with being a principal to a home invasion robbery with a firearm or deadly weapon,” Sheriff’s spokesman Kevin Kelshaw told Historic City News less than two-weeks later, on March 7, 2016. “These charges constitute a first-degree felony and Kline remains in custody in lieu of $100,000 bond.”

Legal wrangling went on for months before Kline accepted a negotiated plea that would send him to state prison for 1-year and 3-days.  He was delivered to the medical classification unit at Lake Butler on December 5, 2016.  He served most of his sentence at the medium-security prison in Putnam County, according to the Florida Department of Corrections.

Less than one-year later, Inmate #157533, brown haired, green eyed Jacob Sikes Kline, 5’08” tall, weighing 161 lbs., is scheduled to be released on Monday, October 9th.

Kline, who will turn 21-years-old on December 3rd, has reported to the Office of Probation and Parole that he is returning to live in St Johns County at 377 Deer Crossing Road.  He will stay in the Deerfield Preserve community in a home owned by his aunt, Barbara Kline; who lives in Powder Springs, Georgia.

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