Alcazar Room returns to service on February 13

Four months and about $40,000 later, the City of St Augustine reported to Historic City News that the Alcazar Room, the primary meeting room for public meetings at City Hall, will resume operation on February 13th.

Repairing the damage from Hurricane Matthew necessitated the relocation of meetings scheduled for the Alcazar Room, including the City Commission’s twice-monthly meetings and the monthly meetings of the Planning and Zoning Board, Historic Architecture Review Board, and the Code Enforcement, Adjustments and Appeals Board.

Those temporary meeting arrangements, which included meetings in the auditorium of the Fullerwood Training Center or the Willie Galimore Center, are cancelled effective Monday, February 13 at 5:00 p.m., when the City Commission holds its regular meeting in the Alcazar Room. All other boards will resume meetings in the Alcazar Room on their regular schedule.

In addition to simply “being home,” the return to the Alcazar Room means the return of live broadcast and on-line streaming of many public meetings. Since live broadcast and streaming are available only from The Alcazar Room, viewing has been limited.

The front half of Henry Flagler’s Alcazar Hotel building has been occupied by the city since 1973. The south half of the landmark building located at 75 King Street is the home of the Lightner Museum. When originally constructed, the Alcazar was the companion to the Ponce de Leon Hotel, today the home of Flagler College.

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