Anastasia Boulevard standards final draft goes to commission

Wake-up call for all Historic City News readers who have been lulled to sleep by the seemingly endless, and pointless, meetings (public and private) over new entry corridor standards for Anastasia Boulevard — after nine-months of community feedback, the city commission will hear Version 10; the final draft of new regulations proposed by staff.

The document is available here or by clicking Projects and Publications under the Government/Planning and Building tab at and following the link to the Anastasia Boulevard Entry Corridor Standards.

If you are concerned about changes to the Anastasia Boulevard entry corridor standards, do not miss this opportunity to learn and have your concerns heard.  In the coming weeks, the document will go through the normal ordinance consideration process which includes a first and second reading, at which time it can be adopted.

If you plan to attend the public meeting, go the Alcazar Room on the ground floor courtyard of City Hall at 75 King Street in St Augustine on June 12, 2017.  The meeting will start at 5:00 p.m., and is available for live viewing on GTV/Comcast Channel 3 and on-line at

Fourteen-years ago, the city identified “first impressions” as a priority; adopting “Entry Corridor Design Standards” for King Street, San Marco Avenue, and Anastasia Boulevard.  The purpose is to guide and regulate the appearance of development of these entrance ways. Anastasia Boulevard is the first of the three corridors to undergo an update process.

The city staff project manager is Amy Skinner.  The private consultant is Jeremy Marquis.

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