Annual Second Seminole War Commemoration

The 10th Annual Commemoration of the end of the Second Seminole War was held in St. Augustine yesterday, and Mayor Nancy Shaver reported for Historic City News from the parade grounds by sharing photographs during the event.

A parade began at 10:30 a.m. and proceeded to the National Cemetery. Historical reenactors in period costume participated in the parade, and members of the public joined in.

In 1842, officers, soldiers, and musicians paraded through the same streets of St. Augustine to inter the casualties of the war in the gardens of the St. Francis Barracks.

Three coquina pyramids were erected in the cemetery at that time to mark the burial place of more than 1,400 soldiers who died during those wars. The pyramids still stand today, and are known as the Dade Monument after Major Francis L. Dade, who was a leader in the Seminole Wars.

This annual heritage event is organized by the West Point Society of North Florida and The Seminole Wars Foundation.

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