Ask governor to veto Bill that could hide criminal history

In the latest episode of “Who the Hell are our Representatives representing?”, the Florida House just passed CS/SB 118 unanimously — a Bill that allows automatic administrative sealing of criminal history records.

This dangerous piece of legislation sets up a process where certain criminal history records are automatically sealed once the opportunity for appeals has expired.  Here’s a link to the Bill.

“This is a huge concern for Florida residents because there are all sorts of reasons why a criminal defendant would be acquitted or found not guilty – insufficient evidence, a witness fails to appear, etc. etc. etc.,” Attorney Barbara Petersen, president of the Florida First Amendment Foundation told Historic City News editor, Michael Gold.

Petersen added, “There is a significant difference between administrative sealing of a criminal history record and expunction of that record, but the bottom line is this:  If a criminal history record was sealed you will not find any mention of that record on FDLE’s criminal history web page.”

Think about it:

  • George Zimmerman:  NOT GUILTY
  • Casey Anthony:  NOT GUILTY
  • OJ Simpson:  NOT GUILTY

Governor Scott may act as early as May 5th, so we are asking Historic City News readers to speak up now and ask that this misguided bill be vetoed.

The Honorable Rick Scott
Office of the Governor
400 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

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