Baby-daddy drama ends badly for mother of two small children

Historic City News has learned that 26-year-old Alisha Marie Rabine was arrested Wednesday evening and charged with a second-degree felony after she bit a man as he was trying to leave her home.

Deputies were called to the residence at 2738 Elsie Road in Saint Augustine to investigate the incident. According to a sheriff’s spokesman, the victim in this crime is the father of Rabine’s two small children.

“When the man tried to leave, Alisha Rabine grabbed and pushed him, then bit him hard enough to leave a mark on his back,” arresting officers wrote.

The arrest report revealed that Rabine attacked the man, in front of the children, because she did not want him to leave the home.

Rabine was released from jail on Thursday March 23rd at 2:06 p.m. after posting $1,000 bail on the single, aggravated battery charge.

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