Brewery and bar will replace Bridge Street art gallery

Since the closing of the 5,000-square-foot Absolute Americana Art Gallery at 77 Bridge Street across the street from the city finance department, Historic City News readers have been speculating if another cultural venue would materialize. It won’t.

Instead, the previously airy, high-ceilinged art gallery, will host a 40-seat brewery and taproom to be called Dog Rose Brewing Co.

“A big part of my focus is making sure we are here for Lincolnville,” said owner and co-founder Doug Muur in a recently published interview. “You can have a bar you think is yours but then you walk in and you don’t know a soul. What the locals want is a place that’s theirs.”

Readers may recognize Muur, who worked for A1A Ale Works for nearly 15 years. Much of Dog Rose’s trajectory will be decided by the clientele according to Muur. He said that if the customers want music, they will get music. If they want a certain kind of beer, the team can make that happen.

Muur said that if all continues as planned with the construction, the brewery should be finished by the end of July and open to the public by the third week of August. He plans to be open seven days a week and will hire staff as needed.

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