Crystal Lagoon signs Olympic star Michael Phelps

Developer John Kinsey reported to Historic City News that Chilean-based Crystal Lagoon, the company behind the technology that will allow his master planned community in northern St Johns county to create the feeling of a tropical paradise, has signed Olympic star Michael Phelps as a spokesman for its product.

Kinsey held a ground-breaking ceremony in March for his “Beach Walk” community located within Twin Creeks at CR-210 near I-95. The man-made lagoon of clear, blue water that appears ripped from a Caribbean island and ringed by a sandy shore, is under construction, according to Kinney, and will take shape over the next few months.

“In order to successfully compete against other communities in the area, we needed something that was totally different,” Kinney said in a published interview. “While a lot of communities have the tree lined streets with oaks and magnolias, we decided to go in a different direction.”

Crystal Lagoon announced the partnership with Phelps, dubbed “the greatest swimmer of all time”, yesterday. The company said the goal is to bring swimming and watersports activities to communities around the world.

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