Deadly night on St Johns County roadways

Tuesday proved to be a deadly night on St Johns County roadways with two pedestrians being killed in a crash involving a vehicle at SR-16 and I-95, and another pedestrian struck and killed later on US-1 South.

Historic City News was informed by Florida Highway Patrol spokesman Sergeant Dylan L. Bryan that the first crash occurred about 8:00 p.m. and shut down SR-16 at I-95.

The driver of a grey vehicle struck two pedestrians as they stood on the shoulder of SR-16.  The driver, who was not identified, stayed on the scene until police arrived.  It’s unclear whether the driver was injured.

Jeremy Robshaw with St. Johns County Fire Rescue told reporters that the pedestrians were dead at the scene and there does not appear to be a crosswalk in the area where the crash happened.

The two pedestrians were thrown onto the roadway and visible to passersby at the scene until they were loaded in to the medical examiner’s van.  One witness stated that one of the bodies was thrown as much as 50 ft. on impact, while the other was thrown about 10 ft.  The witness could not tell if the victims were male or female.

The identities of the victims will be released following the notification of the next of kin.  There is no confirmation if charges will be filed in this case. The FHP investigation is continuing.

The second crash reported by the Florida Highway Patrol occurred near the Spot Café on US-1 South at Ocean Boulevard.  The call was dispatched at 10:08 p.m. Tuesday night.

In this incident, a single-vehicle struck and killed an individual pedestrian.  Neither the driver nor the victim have been identified to the media at this time.

The southbound lanes of US-1 were blocked during the crime scene investigation, according to an FHP spokesman.  There is no confirmation if charges will be filed in this case. The investigation is continuing.

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