Defendant released after posting $45,000 bond

William Tobias-Elliott Tinsley was arrested Wednesday on a warrant charging him with five drug-related crimes including; (F.S. 893.1351.3) drug production, (F.S. 893.13.1a1) sale of opium or a derivative, (F.S. 893.13.1a1) sale of opium or a derivative, (F.S. 893.13.1a3) sale of opium or a derivative, (F.S. 893.135.1c1) trafficking in opium or a derivative and (F.S. 827.03.2d) child neglect. He was held in lieu of $95,000 bond.

An unassuming 5’07” tall, 110 lb., 31-year-old native of Brooklyn New York, who now lives in Palm Coast, stood with his attorney last week, hoping that Judge Michael Trayner would allow him to be released from jail after he was caught selling illegal prescription narcotics to an undercover police officer.

Friday afternoon at about 4:00 p.m., Historic City News learned that the St Johns County Detention Facility had released Tinsley after his bond was reduced from $95,000 to $45,000, subject to conditions.

Court-appointed attorney Thomas Cushman represented Tinsley in a Nebbia hearing that began Thursday and continued into Friday afternoon. Due to the nature of the charges against him, Judge Trayner required Tinsley to show that the source of his bail premium and collateral were legitimate and not acquired through illegal activities, or from the profits of a crime; such as drug trafficking, money laundering, theft or fraud.

On October 12, 2017, a confidential informant says Tinsley sold him three 30mg Oxycodone pills; paid for with $160 of prerecorded United States currency. Tinsley’s 3-year-old child was sitting in the back seat of the vehicle at that time. According to the arrest report, Tinsley also sold two Suboxone 8mg pills. The child’s voice was captured on the listening device during the narcotic transaction.

The transaction was recorded using an electronic listening device. The child’s voice was captured on the listening device during the narcotic transaction, according to the affidavits included with the case file.

After each sale, committed inside Tinsley’s 2012 white Buick 4-door Passenger car, parked near Winn-Dixie grocery on South Ponce de Leon Boulevard, Detective Richard Thurmond took possession of the 30mg Oxycodone pills; each a schedule II class narcotic pain killer.

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