Demand citizen leaders on school board not career politicians

Florida is, without question, the term limits state. Our voters have limited the terms of our governor, attorney general, state legislators, and many other elected office holders.

But elected school board members, who manage billions of your tax dollars, have always been able to evade term limits. Except for a single county, all 356 school board members in Florida can serve for life.

That must be changed.  Our school boards should be run by citizen leaders, not career politicians.  Who’s ready to stand with Historic City News in support of term limits for every school board member in Florida?

Florida’s Constitutional Revision Commission is deciding now whether to put a measure on the November 2018 ballot limiting all school board members to two four-year terms (eight years total). This is the same term limit that applies to the president and countless other offices.

We must tell the Commission to put school board term limits on the ballot.  Historic City News has located an online tool, provided by US Term Limits, that makes it easy to communicate that message to the men and women charged with making this important decision.

We ask that you follow this link to contact the Florida Constitutional Revision Commission, and ask them to add this issue to the General Election ballot next November.  If this effort is successful, we can give all Florida voters the chance to decide for themselves to limit school board members to two four-year terms in office.

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