Fire-Rescue helping to identify down power lines and flooding

Saying that emergency personnel do not know the full extent of damage to our county yet, Lieutenant Jeremy Robshaw told Historic City News that we won’t know the condition of specific roads or areas for some time.

A danger and hindrance for first responders will be any additional vehicular traffic that is not absolutely necessary, because the county has suffered a great deal of tree damage from the high velocity winds encountered overnight. Many roads are reported to be blocked and impassable.

“As tropical storm Irma continues to pass through St Johns County, crews are working tirelessly to conduct damage assessments and identify downed power lines and flooding throughout the county,” Robshaw said during this afternoons update from the St Johns County Emergency Operations Center.

Emergency medical personnel and firefighters from St Johns County are working additional hours to assist residents who may be sheltered in place and in need of medical attention. His agency is also providing support to Florida Highway Patrol and other law enforcement agencies.

We are asking for patience from our residents as we assess all areas of the county,” Robshaw said. “You will be brought updates as soon as that information becomes available.”

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