Flags at half-staff in honor of Faith K Tiberio

Historic City News was informed today that the flags at St. Augustine’s City Hall will be lowered to half-staff on Monday, July 24th in honor of de Aviles Award recipient Faith K. Tiberio who died on Monday, July 17th.

Tiberio and her husband, Joseph, were recipients of the city’s de Avilés Award in 2006. Mr. Tiberio died in 2013.

Mr. and Mrs. Tiberio were the 28th recipient and the first couple to receive the de Aviles Award, presented on May 23, 2006. First presented in 1988, the de Avilés Award is presented to “Those identified in the field of public service or those well-known and respected by the citizenry who have dedicated and honorable service to the community of St. Augustine and St. Johns County.”

Flags are lowered at city hall for one day upon the death of recipients of the de Avilés Award, the Order of la Florida, and past members of the city commission.

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