General Election Town of Hastings

Tuesday November 7, 2017 is Election Day in St. Johns County but ONLY for the voters of the Town of Hastings.  This election is open to all registered voters who reside within the incorporated limits of the Town of Hastings.

The polling place, Hastings Town Hall, 6195 S. Main St. in Hastings will be open for voting from 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

This is a very important election for the residents and voters of the Town of Hastings, as there is a proposition on the ballot to Dissolve the Town of Hastings.

All eligible voters have been mailed a sample ballot.  Voters are reminded to bring current and valid photo ID with signature when voting in person.  If you don’t have proper ID, you must vote a provisional ballot.   The acceptable forms of ID are listed on your sample ballot and on our website.

Please feel free to call the Elections Office at 904-823-2238 should you have any questions regarding your status or eligibility to vote in this election.  Information appears in Historic City News and is also available on our website

Vicky Oakes, Supervisor of Elections


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