Grand Jury indicts Jordon Leigh Henries of murder

St Augustine Police made no arrest after 29-year-old Jeffrey “Stephen” Lee was shot and killed in the yard of an Arricola Avenue apartment on Davis Shores in the early evening of Thursday night, March 9, 2017.


Lee, the shooting victim who lived on Snapper Lane in Fernandina Beach, had apparently engaged in an argument with a resident at that address; his former girlfriend, 25-year-old Jessica Lynn Henries. Police spokesman Mark Samson told local Historic City News reporters that there had been physical confrontations between the couple in the past and that Lee had been warned to stay away from Henries’ home.

At about 5:00 p.m., police reported that Henries called her sister, 25-year-old Jordan Leigh Henries of St Augustine and her mother, 61-year-old Deborah Hoffman Henries, informing them that Lee had returned and started trouble, again. Both traveled to the apartment to assist Jessica, but did not yet call police.


The women each told police that when they arrived, they found Lee in the yard, west of the residence. They said an argument ensued between Lee and both Debra and Jordan Henries. They also told police that when Lee became confrontational with them, Jordan Henries produced a handgun and shot the victim. That is when they called police. Lee died shortly thereafter.

Police interviewed all parties and reported that they believed the sisters and mother were being cooperative. After questioning, the police allowed the women to leave pending receipt of the autopsy report. The autopsy was performed the next day, March 10, 2017.

Today, May 19th, the St Johns County Grand Jury heard testimony about the shooting death; and, after considering all of the evidence, returned an indictment changing the shooter, Jordan Leigh Henries, with 2nd-degree murder.

“Our detectives located Henries in Daytona and she voluntarily came back to St Augustine where she was served the warrant,” Samson told Historic City News. “She was patted down and transported to the St. Johns County Detention Center where she will await her first appearance tomorrow morning.”

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