Guest: What’s Being Taught at Flagler College?

Guest: What’s Being Taught at Flagler College?

Lance Thate
Chairman St Augustine Tea Party

On October 31, 2017, Halloween, a demonstration took place in the historic district of St. Augustine, Florida, at a restaurant known as “The Bunnery”. Both the St. Augustine Record, and Historic City News, reported on this event. From their reports, Flagler College student, Courtney Olson was offended by the baker’s Halloween costume. To celebrate the holiday employees at the restaurant were permitted to wear costumes. The offensive costume was that of Aunt Jemima.

Aunt Jemima is a brand of pancake mix and syrup, owned by the Quaker Oats Company of Chicago, Illinois. The trademark dates to 1893, although Aunt Jemima pancake mix first appeared in 1889. From the late 19th Century until early the 21st Century, Aunt Jemima, portrayed as a black woman, has been part of the Quaker Oats marketing strategy.

In all this time, racism has not been an issue. But, on Halloween, a white Flagler College student, at last, perceived the great sin that has been eluding us for over a century; the revelation was that the image of Aunt Jemima is racist.

According to the story filed by the St. Augustine Record, this was a student demonstration. Historic City News, on the other hand, recognized the presence of the extreme radical group, Black Lives Matter (BLM). They reported that BLM and ANTIFA members were present in the afternoon.

The St. Augustine Record has a long history of failing to report important details regarding political demonstrations.  When the Occupiers were present in the Plaza de la Constitucion in 2011, The Record described it in benign terms, citing student demonstrations. The Occupier Movement was dominated by Communists and Anarchists in the same way that ANTIFA does today.

“No blackface. No KKK. No racist USA,” was just one of the many chants coming from the crowd.  Chants do not just randomly come from crowds, they are organized; and, this event was organized in true Saul Alinsky style.  The Communist rhetoric that divides and separates people, filling them with hate, was abundant.  How is it possible for community organizers to so easily recruit young, impressionable college students to do their bidding?

Parents send their children to universities to obtain higher education so that they are better equipped to deal with the world. They expect American culture and American values to be the core of the university experience.

The liberal arts colleges are not providing the tools necessary to retain American values. Instead, they are providing a transformation of the young people in their charge. Indoctrination has replaced education.

In an interview on September 4, 2015, University of North Florida Dean of Students, Thomas Van Schoor, when asked about the transformation of individuals, said, “Transformation means change. Without changing the individual, education does not take place.” [See: Tea Party Goes to College 9-4-15]

Attacking a Halloween costume of Aunt Jemima and then extracting an apology from a business owner, while interfering with the business’s trade, is a classic example of Saul Alinsky’s tactics as described in his 1971 book, “Rules for Radicals”.

Flagler college students engaging in this Communist behavior and demonstrating this destructive level of Political Correctness should force parents to ask what’s being taught at Flagler college.

Are they providing the tools that will support individual liberty, the essence of being an American, or are they transforming students to the collective mindset that was displayed at the Bunnery on Halloween day?

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