Jury sends Bush to death row for 2011 murder

Historic City News was informed that a St. Johns County jury deliberated for just under three hours today, then returned a unanimous death verdict for Sean Alonzo Bush.

He was convicted of first-degree murder of Nicole Elise Bush with a firearm on May 31, 2011, as well as burglary of a dwelling where a person was assaulted with a firearm.

“The defendant is a violent criminal predator who earned the jury’s recommendation of death,” State Attorney RJ Larizza said. “Bush shot, stabbed and bludgeoned the victim with a baseball bat before leaving her to suffer and die alone in her home.”

The jury found five aggravators:

1) defendant convicted of a prior violent felony against his ex-wife
2) defendant committed homicide during commission of burglary
3) defendant committed the homicide for financial gain
4) the crime was heinous, atrocious and cruel
5) the crime was cold, calculated and premeditated

“We are grateful the jury held Bush accountable for this brutal murder,” Larizza added.

The Honorable Judge Howard M. Maltz presided over the case. Assistant State Attorneys Mark Johnson and Jennifer Dunton of the Homicide Unit prosecuted the case.

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