Letter: Bill of Rights should protect patients

Letter: Bill of Rights should protect patients

Kimberly Elfersy
St Augustine, FL

Dear Historic City News editor:

Most of us walk into a Florida medical facility believing that our rights outlined in the Florida Patients’ Bill of Rights brochures will protect us.

  • Do you believe that the Florida Patients’ Bill of Rights, §381.026 F. S., protects you?
  • Do you believe a government entity or agency will have your back if an unethical provider violates your rights?
  • Do you believe that you have due and fair legal recourse if your rights are violated?

Sadly, you do not have any of these things. They do nothing to protect us. These rights were enacted for political show. Ethics, compassion and humanity in Florida healthcare have been stripped away through unfair legislation that is supposed to protect us and those we love.

I ask your readers to take a moment to contact the Florida Constitution Revision Commission. Offer your comments and ask the Commission to give teeth to the Florida Patients’ Bill of Rights, §381.026 F. S., by any necessary amendment to the Florida Constitution.

The CRC continues to accept public comments and feedback even though the deadline for the public to submit a proposed constitutional amendment to the CRC has passed.

Ask the commission to hold unethical violators accountable. Require ethics and compassion training, allow legal recourse, and issue fines if they violate your rights as a patient.

Let’s help make things better for all of us. If not, pray you get your doctor on a good day in the State of Florida.

To be heard, follow these easy steps:

Sign up for a free CRC account.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail to the address you used.
“Please check your email account to finish activating your account.”

Click the confirmation link in the e-mail.
“Your account is now active. Please login.”

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