Letter: Castillo rally was proud day for all of us

William Korach, Chairman
St. Johns County Republican Party
Congressional District 4 Caucus

Dear Historic City News editor:

Yesterday, the Trump rally at the Castillo de San Marcos was a proud day for all Republicans.  I want to tell you how proud I was of the St. Johns County Republican Party.

The Trump rally was so well organized, the speakers so excellent, and the attendance so good, that our adversaries, the “Indivisibles”, will need to be renamed the “Invisibles”.

They had planned to march down to our event, surround us, and then shout us down.  But, when they looked upon our crowd and heard the blasting speakers, they lost heart and stood well clear of us.

We won a big victory over the left’s effort to vilify us and President Trump.

Worthy of special mention:

  • Diane Scherff who organized the event and is never discouraged by any form of adversity
  • Savannah Scherff who sung the National Anthem beautifully
  • Pastor Ronald Stafford who endured nasty insults from some in his community and still gave a praiseworthy invocation
  • Tom Washovich former Special Forces Officer and Cruz supporter, but now 100% Trump supporter, who told it like it is on defense and national security
  • Frankie Anderson (AKA: Betsy Ross) who always makes me a little misty when she talks about “Old Glory”
  • Kate Danzeisen who came up with the great idea to have a group photo with the ladies
  • The tag team of Shipper and Robbie who are indispensable for any event
  • Bill McClure with his truck and muscle
  • Michel Pawlowski for ensuring registrations and capturing names
  • Eric West for setting up the sound stage and borrowing powerful audio equipment
  • Gary Hiatt his help setting up, as well

Special thanks to the hundreds of President Trump supporters who turned out for the Rally.  Thanks also to the Park Service, Sheriff’s Office, and the St Augustine Police Department for being there for us.

I’d also like to thank The Record for it’s fair coverage of the Trump Rally.

The left and the “Indivisibles” will not quit trying to shout us down and discourage President Trump, his administration, and Republican elected officials, from carrying out the Trump mandate.

All I can say to them is “knock yourself out” because we will never surrender our hard-won victory or liberty.

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